It’s time to renovate your home, but the dindim is short on that. And does not the loan approval at your bank have the required line of credit or is it very bureaucratic?

Fortunately, a modality has been growing for those looking for home remodeling: personal loan online.

And in this post, you will know how the personal loan online helps you realize your dream.

How Online Personal Loans Work

How Online Personal Loans Work

A simple, practical and safe service that ensures the dream of enlarging, rebuilding or changing your home. No Bom Bom Crédito – first and largest credit shopping mall in Brazil – the online personal loan option is not concentrated in just one bank, as there are more than 30 partners gathered in the credit platform to facilitate your loan chances!

Understanding the advantages and how to proceed with this type of credit that is only growing in Brazil contributes to you paying lower interest rates, finding the perfect condition of installment payment and speeding up the remodeling of the house.

Advantages of hiring

Think of the following situation: you want to climb one floor of your house and for this you need a credit line that meets your need and the payment fits in your pocket. When availing the personal loan online you have some unique advantages such as:

1) Smaller interest

The online personal loan for home remodeling has rates from 1.9% per month. Compared to other forms of financing, the economy is clear: personal loans have a margin of 7.5% per month, whereas a special check (12 , 1% am) and credit card (12.7% am) are far from attractive options.

2) Ease

2) Ease

Unlike credit line approval at a bank, where you need to go in person and run the risk of not getting the loan, in online personal mode all of this is done without leaving home. With a single registration, you simulate loan at the best financial and choose the best option for you.

3) Security

3) Security

Our site is 100% secure and protected with information security and navigation protocols. The information collected is encrypted and is only used for the purpose of seeking credit solutions for our customers, with their authorization, considering our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If even knowing the advantages, you still have questions such as: what situations can I use the personal loan online to renovate my home? Rest assured that we will explain this to you in the sequence, showing that it is possible to start reforming to complement what you need for your goal.

What is the coverage of the reform?

Basically, by opting for the personal loan online for home remodeling, it is up to you to decide what the fate of the financing will be. Therefore, we used the main options when requesting the credit modality:

  • Purchase of building materials;
  • Hiring engineers and architects for the project;
  • Payment of labor for the services performed;
  • Acquisition of finishing pieces such as tiles;
  • Painting after renovation, among others.

With the autonomy of deciding what the fate of the personal loan online you can reform the house the way you want, without the need to present what will be the destination of the line of financing. And this type of credit modality can still benefit even those who have already made loan for home renovation. Keep following.

Pay the loan on your retirement

Pay the loan on your retirement

Yes: the online personal loan even serves to pay off another line of credit that you have acquired. And what is the advantage in this regard?

The first point is to pay less. The online loan may have lower fees than the onerous personal bank loans. You clear the entire debt with the financial institution and pay smaller installments through online credit.

Another advantage is to use the loan as a complement. If you have just got a share for home remodeling, you can opt for the online loan option to complement and complete what you want to do in your home.

How to renovate my home with the loan online?

How to renovate my home with the loan online?

It’s simpler than you think: the Bom Pra Crédito credit platform makes it easy for you to get real estate credit. All you have to do is:

1) Fill out the registration on the website in a few minutes, compare the available credit options and hire whichever is most interesting for your needs.

And if you have any questions about how to apply for your loan, have a tutorial with the cool step-by-step for you to understand everything! See here the tutorial “How do I apply for my loan?” .

Reform your home right now

The problem for many people who have the dream of remodeling, restructuring, enlarging, painting and making any change in their home is to be unaware that there are easy and cheaper methods of getting a line of credit with your profile. The online personal loan does all this with just one access from your smartphone, tablet or computer, in your home or from wherever you have access to the internet.

Not surprisingly, this modality is growing in Brazil and, in a short time of operation, already dominates a considerable portion of the national credit – this is because the banks and financial institutions themselves have started to offer the modality.

Knowing all the advantages, features and ease that online personal loan brings to your home’s retirement, hire real estate financing right now to fulfill your dream.

At Good Credit, only one registration is needed to find the best credit for your home remodeling.