The default has become a problem for many people, directly affecting their personal finances and economy. According to financial experts, the main roots of the problem are the lack of financial planning and the economic crisis that affected many people with unemployment.

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After all, what is default?

It is important to explain what is default, as many people confuse it with the process of indebtedness. Not that this has no relation to its cause, on the contrary, is one of the main reasons.

Therefore, default may be summarized as noncompliance with a financial obligation previously set forth in a contract and is usually caused by unemployment, indebtedness and lack of organization in relation to the payment dates.

This could lead people to have their names registered with credit protection agencies, such as Serasa, SPC, among others, harming them.

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How can defaults affect my personal finances and the economy?

How can defaults affect my personal finances and the economy?

Imagine the following situation. You bought a product that you wanted a lot, but you lost control of your finances and could not pay you by having your name registered with credit protection agencies.

The act of not paying the product on the due date, entailed, besides interest, fine for delay and other types of charges that made the value of the product triple.

Initially, it cost R $ 1000.00 and, with interest and other amounts generated from the delay, came to cost about R $ 3000.00. Therefore, the longer the debt settlement is delayed, the greater the amount to be paid.

Realize that in the face of this situation, you will have an extra expense and this may directly reflect on your personal finances, also reducing your savings.

It is worth mentioning that, depending on the value of the debt and the product purchased, the injured company can file a lawsuit to request payment, generating the attachment of assets for the settlement of the unpaid amount if foreseen in contract.

Moreover, delinquency damages the economy in general because traders and businesses can not honor their commitments without payment, and to compensate for the problem, prices rise, and industrial production and stockpiles are hampered.

Avoid the snowball

When we delay the payment of the debts we incur, this can generate a snowball effect with the amount due, plus interest and fine resulting, making it difficult to obtain credit from the market.

It is simple to arrive at this reasoning. If you have not been able to afford your doubts in the right time, how can you bear the costs incurred as a result of the delay, which can turn, as we saw in the previous example, a small debt into a large debt?

Of course we are not considering factors such as your professional growth, your achievements, among other elements that can make you earn more and thus pay the debts incurred.

In any case, the solution is not to let the debts be delayed, because the money spent unnecessarily to bear the costs of the delay could be used to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, it is very important to plan yourself financially, using resources rationally.

How to make the most of your financial resources?

How to make the most of your financial resources?

Ideally, a financial plan should be drawn up stating in detail the available budget and how much of it may be committed to the purchase of products and services.

It should also clearly define the prices of the desired products and services, as this ensures greater control, management and transparency.

From there, you can use your financial resources in a rational way, avoiding delinquency and possible reduction of your economies, as well as contributing to the development of the country’s economy.

Here is an example that can serve as the basis for your financial organization. Look:

Desired Items:

  • Cellular (R $ 800,00);
  • Microwave (R $ 500,00).

Budget available:

  • R $ 3,000.00 per month, to pay for household consumption items.

Note that in this example, you have a budget that is able to fully meet your consumption wishes, but there are accounts that should be taken into account, such as bills of light, water, internet, etc.

Keep an eye on the payment date

It is important to keep an eye on the payment dates of bills and bills is also a way to avoid delinquency and, consequently, greater problems.

Start using a spreadsheet with the bills to be paid, setting the dates for each, and set reminders so you do not forget your payments.

Abuse the post-its and your phone’s calendar so you’re always wide-eyed and avoid unnecessary problems.

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Plan to deal with potential unwanted situations

Generally, when a company intends to dismiss a collaborator, it issues a prior notice , time that can allow you to organize your accounts.

Make a diagnosis of your financial situation and the debts to be paid and set a goal to remove them, already aware of their conditions in this case.

It is the best way to stay with the clean, credit-market name and avoid situations that could hurt your finances and economy. Think about it!

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