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It’s time to renovate your home, but the dindim is short on that. And does not the loan approval at your bank have the required line of credit or is it very bureaucratic?

Fortunately, a modality has been growing for those looking for home remodeling: personal loan online.

And in this post, you will know how the personal loan online helps you realize your dream.

How Online Personal Loans Work

How Online Personal Loans Work

A simple, practical and safe service that ensures the dream of enlarging, rebuilding or changing your home. No Bom Bom Crédito – first and largest credit shopping mall in Brazil – the online personal loan option is not concentrated in just one bank, as there are more than 30 partners gathered in the credit platform to facilitate your loan chances!

Understanding the advantages and how to proceed with this type of credit that is only growing in Brazil contributes to you paying lower interest rates, finding the perfect condition of installment payment and speeding up the remodeling of the house.

Advantages of hiring

Think of the following situation: you want to climb one floor of your house and for this you need a credit line that meets your need and the payment fits in your pocket. When availing the personal loan online you have some unique advantages such as:

1) Smaller interest

The online personal loan for home remodeling has rates from 1.9% per month. Compared to other forms of financing, the economy is clear: personal loans have a margin of 7.5% per month, whereas a special check (12 , 1% am) and credit card (12.7% am) are far from attractive options.

2) Ease

2) Ease

Unlike credit line approval at a bank, where you need to go in person and run the risk of not getting the loan, in online personal mode all of this is done without leaving home. With a single registration, you simulate loan at the best financial and choose the best option for you.

3) Security

3) Security

Our site is 100% secure and protected with information security and navigation protocols. The information collected is encrypted and is only used for the purpose of seeking credit solutions for our customers, with their authorization, considering our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If even knowing the advantages, you still have questions such as: what situations can I use the personal loan online to renovate my home? Rest assured that we will explain this to you in the sequence, showing that it is possible to start reforming to complement what you need for your goal.

What is the coverage of the reform?

Basically, by opting for the personal loan online for home remodeling, it is up to you to decide what the fate of the financing will be. Therefore, we used the main options when requesting the credit modality:

  • Purchase of building materials;
  • Hiring engineers and architects for the project;
  • Payment of labor for the services performed;
  • Acquisition of finishing pieces such as tiles;
  • Painting after renovation, among others.

With the autonomy of deciding what the fate of the personal loan online you can reform the house the way you want, without the need to present what will be the destination of the line of financing. And this type of credit modality can still benefit even those who have already made loan for home renovation. Keep following.

Pay the loan on your retirement

Pay the loan on your retirement

Yes: the online personal loan even serves to pay off another line of credit that you have acquired. And what is the advantage in this regard?

The first point is to pay less. The online loan may have lower fees than the onerous personal bank loans. You clear the entire debt with the financial institution and pay smaller installments through online credit.

Another advantage is to use the loan as a complement. If you have just got a share for home remodeling, you can opt for the online loan option to complement and complete what you want to do in your home.

How to renovate my home with the loan online?

How to renovate my home with the loan online?

It’s simpler than you think: the Bom Pra Crédito credit platform makes it easy for you to get real estate credit. All you have to do is:

1) Fill out the registration on the website in a few minutes, compare the available credit options and hire whichever is most interesting for your needs.

And if you have any questions about how to apply for your loan, have a tutorial with the cool step-by-step for you to understand everything! See here the tutorial “How do I apply for my loan?” .

Reform your home right now

The problem for many people who have the dream of remodeling, restructuring, enlarging, painting and making any change in their home is to be unaware that there are easy and cheaper methods of getting a line of credit with your profile. The online personal loan does all this with just one access from your smartphone, tablet or computer, in your home or from wherever you have access to the internet.

Not surprisingly, this modality is growing in Brazil and, in a short time of operation, already dominates a considerable portion of the national credit – this is because the banks and financial institutions themselves have started to offer the modality.

Knowing all the advantages, features and ease that online personal loan brings to your home’s retirement, hire real estate financing right now to fulfill your dream.

At Good Credit, only one registration is needed to find the best credit for your home remodeling.

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Personal finance and economy are hampered by default Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:26:08 +0000 Read More »]]>

The default has become a problem for many people, directly affecting their personal finances and economy. According to financial experts, the main roots of the problem are the lack of financial planning and the economic crisis that affected many people with unemployment.

Bom Pra Crédito prepared this post to explain how delinquency damages people. It is a very useful content for those who are already experiencing this problem, for those who want to prevent or even help someone. Follow us!

After all, what is default?

It is important to explain what is default, as many people confuse it with the process of indebtedness. Not that this has no relation to its cause, on the contrary, is one of the main reasons.

Therefore, default may be summarized as noncompliance with a financial obligation previously set forth in a contract and is usually caused by unemployment, indebtedness and lack of organization in relation to the payment dates.

This could lead people to have their names registered with credit protection agencies, such as Serasa, SPC, among others, harming them.

? Learn more about defaults:

  • Do you know what it means to be like a dirty name?
  • Dirty name, how to clean?

How can defaults affect my personal finances and the economy?

How can defaults affect my personal finances and the economy?

Imagine the following situation. You bought a product that you wanted a lot, but you lost control of your finances and could not pay you by having your name registered with credit protection agencies.

The act of not paying the product on the due date, entailed, besides interest, fine for delay and other types of charges that made the value of the product triple.

Initially, it cost R $ 1000.00 and, with interest and other amounts generated from the delay, came to cost about R $ 3000.00. Therefore, the longer the debt settlement is delayed, the greater the amount to be paid.

Realize that in the face of this situation, you will have an extra expense and this may directly reflect on your personal finances, also reducing your savings.

It is worth mentioning that, depending on the value of the debt and the product purchased, the injured company can file a lawsuit to request payment, generating the attachment of assets for the settlement of the unpaid amount if foreseen in contract.

Moreover, delinquency damages the economy in general because traders and businesses can not honor their commitments without payment, and to compensate for the problem, prices rise, and industrial production and stockpiles are hampered.

Avoid the snowball

When we delay the payment of the debts we incur, this can generate a snowball effect with the amount due, plus interest and fine resulting, making it difficult to obtain credit from the market.

It is simple to arrive at this reasoning. If you have not been able to afford your doubts in the right time, how can you bear the costs incurred as a result of the delay, which can turn, as we saw in the previous example, a small debt into a large debt?

Of course we are not considering factors such as your professional growth, your achievements, among other elements that can make you earn more and thus pay the debts incurred.

In any case, the solution is not to let the debts be delayed, because the money spent unnecessarily to bear the costs of the delay could be used to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, it is very important to plan yourself financially, using resources rationally.

How to make the most of your financial resources?

How to make the most of your financial resources?

Ideally, a financial plan should be drawn up stating in detail the available budget and how much of it may be committed to the purchase of products and services.

It should also clearly define the prices of the desired products and services, as this ensures greater control, management and transparency.

From there, you can use your financial resources in a rational way, avoiding delinquency and possible reduction of your economies, as well as contributing to the development of the country’s economy.

Here is an example that can serve as the basis for your financial organization. Look:

Desired Items:

  • Cellular (R $ 800,00);
  • Microwave (R $ 500,00).

Budget available:

  • R $ 3,000.00 per month, to pay for household consumption items.

Note that in this example, you have a budget that is able to fully meet your consumption wishes, but there are accounts that should be taken into account, such as bills of light, water, internet, etc.

Keep an eye on the payment date

It is important to keep an eye on the payment dates of bills and bills is also a way to avoid delinquency and, consequently, greater problems.

Start using a spreadsheet with the bills to be paid, setting the dates for each, and set reminders so you do not forget your payments.

Abuse the post-its and your phone’s calendar so you’re always wide-eyed and avoid unnecessary problems.

? Learn to control accounts payable

Plan to deal with potential unwanted situations

Generally, when a company intends to dismiss a collaborator, it issues a prior notice , time that can allow you to organize your accounts.

Make a diagnosis of your financial situation and the debts to be paid and set a goal to remove them, already aware of their conditions in this case.

It is the best way to stay with the clean, credit-market name and avoid situations that could hurt your finances and economy. Think about it!

Learn how to get loan to organize finances


If you are in default or need help to avoid debt, count on Good Credit to find the most suitable personal loan for your purpose.

We are the first and largest online credit mall in Brazil and we have gathered more than 30 partners with various credit options to simulate, compare and contract the best credit option.

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Consolidation of Loans for Companies – When it is possible, How to Submit an Application? Thu, 28 Mar 2019 13:46:00 +0000 Read More »]]>

We hear about consolidation credit in relation to the obligations of individual clients. They are often a salvage when taking loans and borrowings. However, it turns out that this type of solution is also intended for companies. In a situation where there is a problem with the repayment of liabilities in the enterprise, you can try to solve the problem with a consolidation loan. How is it possible?

  • Loans for companies
  • What is the consolidation of corporate loans?
  • How to apply for consolidation of corporate loans?

Loans for companies

Loans for companies

Banks and non-bank institutions have a rich offer addressed to individuals as well as entrepreneurs. That’s why today is not a surprise that a company has a loan. Entrepreneurs can choose from start-up, investment, revolving loans and even from lines and credit cards. Such accessibility to financing sources does not mean, however, that it is easy to get. Banks have tightened requirements towards entrepreneurs. However, the truth is that many companies on the market are only and exclusively due to the fact that at some stage, they benefited from the support of banks. The conditions of such loans, however, leave much to be desired. When a company has more than one and there are problems with their repayment, then a consolidation loan is the ideal solution.

What is the consolidation of corporate loans?

What is the consolidation of corporate loans?

In a situation when the management of the company has taken more than one loan to the company and has a problem with their repayment, then it may decide to consolidate them. Especially if they are downloaded in different institutions. The consolidation of loans to companies consists in the fact that all liabilities are transferred to one bank. Instead of many installments, one is paid. What’s more, the costs of servicing such a commitment are lower. Thus, a lower amount is usually paid than if the previous fees were to be added together. You can also manage your finances more easily when you have a debt. It is definitely better to consolidate several loans into one than to pay with which one of them. This ends the deterioration of the company’s creditworthiness and credit history, which does not bode well for the future.However, there is a trap in it, namely – an extended repayment period. Only in this way is it possible to reduce the monthly installment in order to allow convenient payment of all obligations. The effect of extending the repayment period is also the higher total cost of the new loan. However, something for something.

How to apply for consolidation of corporate loans?

How to apply for consolidation of corporate loans?

Consolidate and refinance business loans in two ways. The first one is quite simplified, because creditworthiness is not examined in it. For the company, it is a great convenience, because it does not have to present financial documents. What’s more, the analysis of the application is quick and based on the analysis of loan agreements to be consolidated. However, this method can be used when corporate loans unsecured up to PLN 500,000 and corporate loans secured up to PLN 1 million are used to consolidate.In another situation, it is possible to apply for a consolidation loan using the income method. In it, creditworthiness is checked in great detail. The company’s financial results are examined, but loans for consolidation are not included in them.However, it is worth knowing that, as usually happens in the case of loans, in order to be able to apply for consolidation, the business owner can not have a negative credit history. The company must operate on the market for at least half a year.

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Refinancing Mortgage in 2018 in the largest state-owned bank of Russia Mon, 18 Mar 2019 18:50:31 +0000 Read More »]]>


The emerging trends in the Russian economy could not help but influence the state of the financial services market. This affects, above all, the level of interest rates operating in the programs of both short-term and long-term, including mortgage, lending. Experts predict, for example, from AHML, mortgage rates will decline further and have every chance of overcoming the 10% mark. More information at

Naturally for mortgage holders, the desire to achieve a change in the best conditions for lending becomes. Their main purpose is to review the rate to the average market rate under already concluded contracts or refinancing at another financial institution.


Real ways to reduce payments on existing mortgages

Real ways to reduce payments on existing mortgages

The fall in interest rates on mortgage loans has affected virtually all Russian banks. By 2018, all major financial institutions, such as Sberbank and VTB, had such a decline. For clients of these banks that have valid mortgage contracts, the issue of changing credit conditions becomes urgent.

In some cases, banks are going to meet borrowers. For example, for their own clients who wish to refinance their mortgages, Sberbank promises to put in place an appropriate program in the near future. In others they talk about the possibility of revising the terms of loans secured by real estate on the application. Such a right provides, for example, after a year of servicing the Deltacredit mortgage. Revision is possible in many banks on the application for the restructuring of credit debt.

At the same time, most banks say that the interest rate on the mortgage is a significant condition of the loan agreement and is revised only in exceptional cases or not at all. This position, for example, adheres to the VTB24 mortgage loans with a fixed interest rate. It does not yet provide its own clients with the possibility of taking out loans from Sberbank.

This position is not in the interest of borrowers. Indeed, the difference in interest rates on mortgages, drawn up in early 2016 by 2018, can reach 3-4%, which, taking into account the terms of lending and borrowed amounts, results in thousands of overpayment. As a result, borrowers begin to look for alternative ways to change their terms of service.

Among the possible options are considered:

  • Customer credit;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Receipt of refinancing under the programs of other banks.

Using a consumer loan to pay off a mortgage may not seem beneficial because of higher interest rates. However, program analysis can yield interesting results.

For example, a mortgage loan in Sberbank in 2016 for borrowers who do not have benefits could be obtained at 14.5% (or even at higher rates). Today in Sberbank under the consumer lending program on behalf of individuals, you can enter into an agreement at a rate of 13.5% per annum. The maximum amount is up to 5 million rubles for a period of up to 5 years. Already at the interest rate the client of the bank wins. If we take into account the absence of obligatory insurance payments, the benefit for the borrower becomes obvious. If the amount of the mortgage balance can be covered by such a consumer loan, this way of reducing loan payments becomes quite real.

Debt restructuring in the event of a difficult financial situation of the client or upon the application of a bona fide borrower can also be a real option for reducing the mortgage interest rate. In the first case, the bank is forced to meet halfway, in order not to transfer debts to the category of bad debts. As a rule, such a review leads to an increase in the term of crediting while reducing the amounts of regular payments. When reducing the financial burden on the borrower, this allows the bank to keep its own interests intact.

In the second case, the borrower who does not allow delinquency or carrying out partial early repayment can count on the loyal attitude of the financial institution. He may apply for a review of some significant lending terms. Most willingly, the bank goes forward in the matter of reducing or increasing the time, often agreeing to a rate correction as well. But this situation is far from always.

Refinancing (refinancing) of a mortgage at another bank is the conclusion of a loan agreement with another financial institution against the security of a real estate object, which is a collateral for an already existing mortgage agreement. The funds received in this way are sent to repay the remaining debt on the current loan.


Benefits of Refinancing

Benefits of Refinancing

  • Changes in significant mortgage terms – loan period and / or interest rate, which makes it possible to reduce regular payments;
  • The increase in the loan amount under the terms of the new contract, the results of the assessment of the financial condition (category) of the borrower and the conclusion of the value of the collateral, some of which can be used for other purposes
  • Credit consolidation;
  • Expansion of lending opportunities at the current level of confirmed income, since the application is considered on the basis of the situation and requirements that are currently relevant;
  • Retaining the right to receive a tax deduction (refund of personal income tax).

Due to this, refinancing programs are increasingly in demand among bank customers and appear in the service portfolios of almost all large financial institutions. Sberbank, which launched its own mortgage refinancing program of other banks in April 2017, was no exception.


Mortgage refinancing

Mortgage refinancing

Under the Sberbank program, the client gets the opportunity to refinance on favorable terms mortgage loans received from other banks. In addition, he is granted the right to refinance loans taken for other purposes (up to 5 credits under consumer lending programs, buying cars on credit, loans for card products). A new service of Sberbank assumes the simultaneous receipt of an inappropriate loan.


Terms of mortgage refinancing

Terms of mortgage refinancing

The loan under the program “Refinancing against real estate collateral” is provided on the conditions:

  • minimum amount – from 1 million rubles;
  • the maximum amount of funds to pay off the mortgage is up to 7 million rubles (the condition is valid for Moscow and the region, for regions this amount does not exceed 5 million rubles);
  • the maximum amount of refinancing consolidated loans -1.5 million rubles;
  • The amount of non-targeted consumer credit is up to 1 million rubles.

When calculating the maximum amount to pay off the mortgage, the value of the property (no more than 80% based on the results of the assessment) or the outstanding balance under the current loan agreement is taken into account.

Based on the outstanding amounts of principal and interest, the maximum amount for refinancing consolidated loans is determined. These loans include:

  • consumer loans and / or car loans issued by other financial institutions;
  • overdraft credit cards or debit cards issued by other banks.

The total number of other loans consolidated under the program is up to 5. Refund of a mortgage loan is a prerequisite. 

The loan is granted for a period of up to 30 years, with the following requirements for borrowers:

  • age limits – from 21 when issued to 75 years at the time of maturity;
  • Mandatory employment – the necessary conditions for work experience at the current place of at least 6 months and the total length of service for more than a year during the previous 5 years.

The program may involve co-borrowers (spouses of borrowers become such without fail).


Receiving and servicing the loan

Receiving and servicing the loan

The loan is issued:

  • at a time, by transferring the entire amount to the credit account when you make a pledge before receiving the loan
  • in installments, crediting tranches to an account when refinancing several loans, obtaining funds for consumer purposes and issuing collateral after the issuance of a loan.

Repayment is made by annuity payments in accordance with the schedule defining payment dates and amounts of regular contributions.

For repayment can be used funds of the parent (family) capital.


Required documents

Required documents

For consideration of the application in the framework of the program “Refinancing against real estate security”, the bank must submit the following documents:

  • application form;
  • confirmation of the identity and registration of the borrower and each co-borrower;
  • Confirmation of income and employment (certificates 2-NDFL or other forms of certificates, certified copies of employment records or extracts from them, certificates issued by tax authorities, etc.);
  • information on refinanced loans – numbers, dates of conclusion and terms of contracts, loan amounts, conditions, including schedules and amounts of monthly payments, debt balances (account statements), account details for repayment of refinanced loans;
  • documents on the object of pledge (real estate);
  • insurance policies.


Interest rates under the refinancing program

Interest rates under the refinancing program

The refinancing program from the largest bank in the Russian Federation assumes the most favorable interest rates:


  • mortgage repayment – from 9.5%;
  • mortgage refinancing with the consolidation of other loans – from 10%;
  • refinancing of mortgage and other loans, as well as receiving funds for consumer purposes – from 10%.

These values ​​are increased by 1% to repay refinanced loans and mortgage (for each type of lending). In addition, the increase is possible with the refusal of life insurance and health of the borrower.

At the same time, participation in insurance programs for those who want to receive refinancing is extremely beneficial. The issuance of a “Protected loan” (as in the terms of crediting is called a loan issued when insuring the life and health of a borrower for the benefit of the lender for the entire term of the contract) implies not only a reduced interest rate, but also the possibility of reducing it with a corresponding change in Bank of Russia and average market rates .

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Pay less interest: Learn how to negotiate your debts Mon, 11 Feb 2019 15:00:11 +0000 Read More »]]>

The interest rate in Brazil, even with a record of falling in recent months, is one of the highest in the world. Experts believe that high interest rates, especially on the credit card rotary , is driven by the banking spread, which is the difference between the cost of money to the bank and how much it charges to the consumer. And with interest so high it is very important that you learn to negotiate your debts and so pay less interest.

In the midst of anxiety, those who are in debt and do not know the best way to negotiate debts, ends up opting for more difficult ways, such as staying defaulted or paying high interest rates .

The problem is that, realizing the need for urgent action, those in debt can accumulate new debt if they do not know how to carry out financial planning to negotiate debts and pay settlements on time.

Still, you can act fast and find good alternatives to negotiate pending issues, so that you pay less interest and get out of the personal financial crisis .

After all, with outstanding debts, your financial health and well-being only get worse, and you run the risk of not being able to recover damages.

Revolving credit: new rules increase the chances of default

Credit card leads the ranking of debts in Brazil. With the new rules for revolving credit, which came into effect on June 1, 2018, the minimum payment rate, which previously was 15% of the total invoice value for all consumers, may be chosen by the bank or issuer of the credit card, which may increase the indebtedness of Brazilians.

With interest that can reach up to 395% per year, in a period of 12 months, a debt in the amount of R $ 1,000.00 will cost almost R $ 4,000.00. To avoid paying interest on the rotary, there is only one way: to pay off the credit card debt .

Next, Good Credit gives you tips on how to negotiate your debts and pay lower interest rates.

How are your finances?

How are your finances?

It seems silly, but many do not know where the salary goes and have the feeling that when the financial situation tightens, there is no money left to keep the accounts up to date.

It is also common to not know where the debts are, since facing the problem is not easy.

Before you seek to negotiate your debts, it is necessary that you make a financial diagnosis, a check-list from your pocket , to reduce the chances of having trouble paying what was negotiated.

Let’s go to a simple and practical exercise to organize finances once and for all. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the value of my monthly fixed income? If you are a variable income, what is the minimum amount you have achieved in the last three months?
  • How much do I spend on monthly, fixed, rent, and variable accounts (general accounts)?
  • What are my small debts? For example: debts to store cards.
  • When I’m away from home, how much do I usually spend on average?
  • What is my biggest goal right now? Probably to negotiate and pay off debts, and that should be very clear!

After clarifying what are the main commitments with your valuable money, evaluate which are the expenses that can be reduced or even cut, so you have a less tight pocket when negotiating your debts.

It is important to be aware that when negotiating a debt, you make a commitment to pay your settlement on time.

By clarifying your current financial situation, you will identify which are the major issues that prevent you from managing debt and keeping up with personal finances 

Pay less interest: Learn how to negotiate your debts

Pay less interest: Learn how to negotiate your debts

Most of the time, companies offer two options for negotiating with the defaulting customer: payment of debt at sight with discounts or installment of debt with interest.

In the case of cash payment, the customer is usually able to pay the initial debt amount without interest or interest rates much lower than the current one.

That is why there is no doubt that the best option when negotiating a debt is the full payment of the outstanding debt.

To negotiate your debts and pay less interest, you can apply for a personal loan with lower interest rates and get good discounts on the discharge of your debt!

The personal loan is a smart choice not only for those who are looking for solutions to pay debts, but also to organize the financial life in a few days .

At Good Credit, you increase your chances of getting a cheaper loan because we consult the best loan options available to our partners .

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